Stage 2 Race Report

Starting from Húsafell, in the lava fields to the west of Langjökull Glacier this morning (18th of August 2016) and route charges into the wilderness and towards the middle of Iceland.

The competitors faced the daunting task of riding 111 km over Arnarvatnheiði Heath. Climbing 1700m and crossing anything from rock gardens the size of Manhattan to 50m wide rivers. Or as they say in plain English, every obstacle imaginable known to wild places in high latitudes.

Photo by: Snorri Þór Tryggvason

The weather came out to cheer for the gang. Blue skies and sun with very little rain made the stage very fast. With first team arriving in Hveravellir Hot Springs, in the centre of the Icelandic highlands under 4 and half hours.

Tomorrows 3rd and final stage of the race will bring the bikers into even more technical terrain with more downhill riding then the previous two stages. Racing through Þjófadalir - “Valley Of Thieves” down to the queen of Icelandic Waterfalls, Gullfoss, to complete the first ever Glacier360, circumnavigation of Langjökull glacier.

The Glacier 360 standings after stage two:

1.Team Hardrocx Abax by Swix (07:43:58)
2.TF-WOW (+00:03:16)
3. Team Trek Mesterhus 1 (+00:07:12)

1. Team Garmin Iceland (10:50:39) 
2. XY Cycling (+03:03:34) 
2. Kríurnar Adventure Club (+03:29:36)

1. Cape Brewing Company (8:51:06) 
2. Velocity Sports Lab (+0:03:20) 
3. Team Garmin SA (+0:44:32) 

Masters (Older than 40 year)
1. VSÓ Masters (11:01:56) 
2. Frumherji (+0:06:32)
3. Bergets Vänner (+0:12:50)


Grandmasters (Older than 50 years)
1.Paulo & Jorge (10:41:23)

Full Results: