Stage 1 Race Report

Competitors started this morning, Wednesday 17th of August, from Geysir, the original Geyser in the South of Iceland.

In teams of two the group raced through the modest birch forrest above the hot springs and into the black volcanic outback on the south side of the Langjökull Glacier.

Photo by: Snorri Þór Tryggvason

Today’s route traced 95 kilometers with seldom used mountain roads, forgotten single trails and fast gravel tracks, climbing a total of 1412 meters. The stage ended in Húsafell on the western side of the glacier.

The weather and conditions were as good as can be asked for, sunny skies and little rain.

Tomorrow’s stage will bring even greater challenges for the participants as the tackle the “Waterworld Climbs” on the infamous Arnarvatnsheiði mountain, terminating right in the middle of the Icelandic Highlands.

The Glacier360 standings after stage one:

1.Team Hardrocx Abax by Swix (03:17:13)
2.Team Trek Mesterhus 1 (+00:00:00)
3.TF-WOW (+00:00:37)

1. Team Garmin Iceland (04:42:20)
2. Kríurnar Adventure Club (+01:01:16)
3. XY Cycling (+01:27:37)

1. Cape Brewing Company (03:43:19)
2. Velocity Sports Lab (+00:03:11)
3. Team Garmin SA (+00:15:48)

Masters (Older than 40 year)
1. Frumherji (04:41:40)
2. Team Eldsmiðjan (+00:00:28)
3. Global is Strength (+00:00:51)

Grandmasters (Older than 50 years)
1.Paulo & Jorge (04:30:31)
2. Alchemist (+00:40:37)

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