2018 WOW Glacier 360 stage one

WOW what a day!


WOW Glacier 360 started the 2018 race today at 10:00 by Geysir Geothermal area. Fifty two riders accepted this year's challenge to ride 290 km around an Icelandic glacier.

Stage one covers 95 km following the contour of the south side of Langjökull glacier, the second biggest glacier in Iceland. Racing over pitch black volcanic sands and gravel through lava and vast open volcanic deserts with the immense glacier on your right hand side.


The views are incredible, like being on the moon, that is to say if the moon had glacier capped volcanoes.

The riders did very well boasting some of the fastest times ever. The weather was fantastic with a light breeze tapping riders on the back. Once crossing the finish line in camp the riders enjoyed a nice post-race meal and a dip into the geothermally heated swimming pool at Húsafell. 

Congratulations to the teams leading each category!

Men category: Team Airport Direct, Eyjólfur Guðgeirsson and Birkir Snær Ingvason (3:29:21)
Women category: Team Kvika, Anna Kristín Sigurpálsdóttir and Steinunn Erla Thorlacius (5:13:17)
Mixed category: Ossowscy, Maria Ossowska and Adam Ossowski (4:10:13)
Masters category: Dos Cortados, James Smith and Craig Tindall (4:15:56)
Gran masters category: Grandmaster Flash, Alden Philbrick and Stuart Walsworth (4:41:27)

Next up - recover and repeat!

Tomorrow's the longest and roughest stage of them all, the waterworld climbs.

To follow the race visit our facebook, instagram, website and timataka for live timing.

Huge thanks to our sponsors, WOW air, Red bull, Airport Direct, Cintamani and Kristall!