WOW Glacier 360 Officially A UCI Race

We are happy to announce that in 2019 WOW Glacier 360 is a UCI class 2 stage event (S2). This is important for the race as well as Iceland, being the first race in the country to receive a UCI standing. Teams wishing to compete for UCI price money and UCI points must register as UCI Pro Elite riders and possess of a valid UCI licence at the time of the race.


WOW Glacier 360 is definitely something for the adventure-seeking, being the Northernmost UCI mountain bike stage race in the world (yet to our knowledge). Iceland is most likely to bring many challenges upon participants ranging from the rough volcanic surface of the race course to unpredictable weather conditions. This makes the race one of the most challenging and majestic race courses.

Winter is already settling in on our lovely island, bringing some snow to the mountains and a lovely winter breeze. For weather enthusiasts these are the current weather observations for our highland camp.

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