Be a part of the adventure

The chain has many links and is only as strong as the weakest link. For an adventure like this to become a reality there are a lot of people involved. Our task is to make sure everything runs smoothly from the start to the finish. This is a great opportunity to explore Iceland and visit places most travellers don't even hear about. At the same time you'd be a part of something that brings people together, an adventure to share.

We'll take care of you

  • Accommodation during race
  • Food and snacks, soft drinks and water during race

sample Tasks for the support crew

  • Rider support and safety
  • Setting up and moving camp around
  • Drink stations
  • Finisher party planning

Media TEam

Every year we select 12 members for our media team.

  • 4-6 photographers
    • Responsable for shooting the race and its competitors and delivering a batch of photographs ready to post (min 10 pictures) at the end of each stage/day.
  • 2-4 drone pilots
    • Responsable for shooting the race and its competitors and delivering one raw minute of footage at the end of each stage/day.
    • Make a media edit for each stage after the stage finished.
  • 2 journalists (photo journalists favored)
    • Daily reports of the race and its development.
    • Daily interviews with top competitors & interesting personalities in the race, before and after each stage on Facebook and Instagram Live.
    • Mini stories for Instagram and Facebook f.ex. "bikes of the race", "what do racers bring", etc.

Attack the icelandic highlands

Don't be fooled through, it can get tough dealing with Icelandic nature and its changing weather and conditions in the remote places the Glacier 360 race will take you to.. Bring a strong desire for adventure and good, warm, waterproof clothes, good waterproof hiking shoes and everything need for a winter vacation (Icelandic Highlands in the high summer can bring anything from blue skies to hailsstorms).