Volunteering Teams

Camp Crews

The race has two different camp crews which set up two different camps. One in Hveravellir and the other one in Húsafell. 

Period August 7th - August 11th 2019

Camp crew A operates at Húsafell which is at the finish of stage 1 and beginning of stage 2. The team also moves to finish the race at Gullfoss waterfall, August 11th. 

Camp crew B operates at Hveravellir which is at the finish of stage 2 and beginning of stage 3. The team also provides assistance at the race expo, August 7th.

Camp crews set up and manage the rider's camp. Tent set up, feed zone, information and bike maintenance.  At race expo we set up flags, tables, registration, etc. At race finish we set up BBQ, tents, manage transport, etc.

Race management

Period August 7th - August 11th 2019

Race management operates in two separate teams. The crew will move from one place to another, setting up start and finish zones. The teams have their own car, support kit and stay in camp when they travel from one place to another.

The teams will both attend the registration and rider's meeting at August 8th, assist with registration, etc. The day before a meeting is required for debriefing. 

Race assistance

Period August 8th - August 11th

The race assistance teams move along the course, setting up aid stations with fluids, food, shelter, basic spare parts, etc. They assist riders throughout the day. The teams travel in jeeps to sometimes remote areas to set up. For this task the requirements are to be independent and hungry for adventure. 


August 5th - August 7th

For those who'd like to travel with us before the crunch time to check out the race course, put up signs, etc. we'll start that earlier. We will have to make sure the track is fit for cycling, that the rivers are passable, etc. That will require some bike skills and endurance for long days outdoors.

We offer the following

  • Accommodation August 7th - August 11th

    • Accommodation in camp and Reykjavik if/when applicable for teams

  • Food, drinks and snacks while on the field

  • Transport to and from Reykjavik