Due to extreme wether circumstances Glacier 360 race management has decided to modify day number 3 of the race in 2019 to secure riders' safety on the course.

The GPX file for the new route is HERE

Glacier 360 route takes you on a true adventure, you get to experience some of the most diverse landscape of Iceland, places that very few visitors come by.

Each day you travel a considerable distance, we don't go in circles but rather travers the landscape of Iceland to show you the most of it.

With vast and adventurous landscape we require all riders to carry a GPS capable of tracking a GPX track. This is due to fairness of the race and safety.

Having said that we still do our very best to put up signs and other course markings to guide you the best way.

We do our best to get as much information to our riders about the course, below you can find various ways to review it. Please bear in mind that elevation profiles can vary and the elevation profiles displayed on this website are from real tracks

Route statistics and GPX tracks


Distance: 4,3 km

Climb: 83 m

Track: Download GPX

View on Trailforks here



Distance: 95 km

Climb: 1220 m

Max Elevation: 727 m

Track: Download GPX

View it on TrailForks here


Distance: 111 km

Climb: 1440 m

Max Elevation: 811 m

Track: Download GPX

View it on TrailForks here


Distance: 111 km

Climb: 1523 m

Max Elevation: 765 m

Track: Download GPX

View it on TrailForks here

Trailforks by PinkBike

We love a good community and try to take part as much as we can, we list our event at here there you can find the route as well. Check it out and mark your self as going!

Google maps

To get to know the area a bit better in relations to the race course we find it useful to show you the course on familiar map like Google maps as well. Click the icon in top right corner of the map to see a larger version.

Gaia GPS

We recently started to use Gaia GPS on our scouting and exploring missions, it is a great way to work with GPS data on a map on mobile phones and tablets.

Check out our folder at Gaia GPS here

How do we do?

We would love your feedback and ideas about communicationg information about the route, is something missing, are our communcation channels working for you? And especially we are curious about how Gaia GPS works for you, send us a line at: