Glacier 360 is a 290 km ride around Langjökull Glacier in Iceland. You start at Geysir geothermal area and finish off at Gullfoss waterfall. We race in three stages, one stage for each day of the race. 

It all comes down to dealing with long distances in the rough but majestic Icelandic highlands. For this challenge you can expect anything and everything to happen, weather and conditions can vary from one minute to the other and unforeseen situations are a part of the challenge. 

The terrain is diverse, you'll find it all, smooth and a bit rugged gravel roads, flowy and fun turns, a few steep climbs, easygoing dirt single tracks and rivers to cross (not on bridges but with support).


Tuesday, August 16th
- Pre-race meeting

Get race ready. Today the pre-race meeting and expo will be held in Reykjavik. Riders will be able to pick up their documents and collect items they might need for the race: spare parts, tubes, gas, pumps, bottles and even missing race kits.

Please note that there'll also be a mechanical tent during the race with spare parts, etc. where you can service your bike or have it serviced for you.

For those choosing to do the exclusive package we'll provide a transport this afternoon to Laugarvatn which is only 25 minutes drive from the start point. The package will include accommodation, dinner and access to Laugarvatn fontana pool and natural saunas. We'll take care of riders, bikes, meals and whatnot.

Wednesday, August 17th
- Stage One: The Black and White Miles.

Let the games begin. Today we start the race next to the famous Strokkur hot spring at Geysir geothermal area. Riders in our all inclusive programs will get transport included from Reykjavik or Laugarvatn to the start point.

The race today is through a mix of fire and ice. The track follows the contour of the south side of Langjökull glacier, the second biggest glacier in Iceland. Racing over pitch black volcanic sands and gravel through lava and vast open volcanic deserts with the immense glacier on your right hand side.

The views are incredible, like being on a the moon, that is to say if the moon had glacier capped volcanoes.

The Black and White Miles end in the green as the stage ends in the lush glacier valley of Húsafell on the west side of the glacier. 

Húsafell and surroundings offers many creature comforts, including a geothermally heated swimming pool and hot tubs. For those joining our all inclusive packages we've included accommodation in Húsafell and free access to the local swimming pool, dinner at the bistro and other comfort in our camp.

Thursday, August 18th
- Stage Two: The WaterWorld Climbs.

The second day of the race is the most gruelling. Sweat, suffering and surreal beauty at high latitudes is on the menu today.

Today riders will expose themselves to the highlands riding on the North side of the Langjökull glacier. Today there'll be unbridged rivers to cross on the highlands of Arnavatnsheiði, lakes to many to count and again the glacier on your right hand side (this is the Glacier 360°).

The WaterWorld Climb ends at the highest point of the race, in the dead centre of the Icelandic highlands at Hveravellir "oasis". Oasis being a rather lose term for a highland refuge formed around a hot spring on the oldest coast-to-coast road in Iceland, the Kjölur road.

Tonight will be spent at Hveravellir highland center. You are basically in the highlands so no luxury should be expected but the place has it's charm. We'll keep presenting good food and you'll be able to warm up in a natural geothermal pool.

Friday, August 19th
- stage Three: Thief valley

On the last day of the race we'll race from Hveravellir highland center all the way to Gullfoss waterfall. The trail starts along an old highland road into Thjofadalir valley which is nested underneath the glacier. Dropping into the valley is a magnificent sight, the glacier your direct line of sight. 

The valley is lush and riders will follow an abandoned dirt path which has only been treaded by horses and hikers for many years. Along this trail are a few rocky sections which riders will have to do their best to manoeuvre over and around, selecting the quickest way to pass it.

Riders will ride the trail for approximately 20 km before again reaching a gravel road which will slowly descend and follow Hvítá river all the way to the Gullfoss waterfall where the race will finish. 

For riders involved in the all inclusive program will get transport back to Reykjavik.

We recommend using the evening to rest because the following day we have a celebration and award winning ceremony!

Saturday, August 20th
- Party!

The race has officially ended but tonight we'll celebrate. We'll host an epic end-of-the-race-party on Viðey island, just outside of Reykjavik (10-15 min boat ride). It is a magical place with spectacular view of the city lights.

Included in all packages is a ticket to the party which includes a welcome drink, snacks and cava for toast. Better yet, the location has the perfect view of the fireworks which will light up the sky at 11 pm.

Winners of the overall categories, men, women and mixed will get a honorary treatment and escort to the award winning ceremony.


The first night we'll spend in a small village only a few kilometers from where we take of by Geysir. The village has a nice bathing area with warm geothermal pools and natural steam rooms. It's perfect to relax for the first stage. 

The second night will be spent in one of the most popular vacation areas in Iceland. It also has a very nice pool which participants will have private access to.

The third night will be about the adventure. We'll spend it in the Icelandic highland area, Hveravellir. It is magical but basic, with a natural geothermal pool and very basic dressing rooms.


Included in the entry fee are drinks and snacks at two drink stations during the day and a post race meal. For those joining the all inclusive packages we'll provide three meals per day and all soft drinks and snacks. Meals are breakfast, daily post-race meal and dinner. Snacks will be available at all times on location and we'll set up drinking stations during the race.